I am a sexuality educator with a Masters in Public Health.

My career began in 2003 while I was in college looking for better sex education.  Since then, I worked in community spaces, clinics and spent countless one-on-one sessions teaching comprehensive sex ed and advocating for safe and responsible sexual health. Throughout this time, I un/learned many concepts and beliefs to become the sex educator I wish I had growing up.  

When I became a parent, I decided to reconnect with my reasons for becoming a sex educator in the first place.  Like many South Asian American kids, I grew up not having adequate (or any) inclusive and comprehensive sex education at home or school.  In fact, anything related to sex education was considered taboo. This left too many unanswered questions, and no space for honest and safe discussions about relationships, boundaries, puberty, gender or sex. I decided it was time to break the cycle of shame and begin sex education at home.  I strive to do the same for families who don’t know where to begin or need some help along the way. I enjoy writing, creating zines and curating resources on various sexuality topics to help guide families in having shame-free and fact-based talks at home.

Justice, belonging and imagination are at the core of my practice. In recognition of my privileges (caste, class, small fat, higher education, cishet passing, etc.) and how it shapes my queer identities and experiences, I am dedicated to building a better sex education practice that is queer affirming and anti-oppressive.  I'm currently working on my certification through AnteUppd! and immersing my studies in justice oriented frameworks.

I believe sexuality education:

  • is vital and life affirming for all ages and bodies.

  • needs to be accessible.

  • needs to be inclusive.

  • helps kids and teens foster meaningful and supportive relationships in their lives.

  • helps kids and teens build skills to grow into themselves, and make informed decisions about their bodies.

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    I Cover

  • Boundaries

  • Consent

  • Socio-emotional skills

  • Relationships

  • Puberty

  • Menstruation

  • Gender identities and expressions

  • Sexual identities

  • Sex ed myths & facts

  • Family dynamics